Allure Sample Society Box January 2015

An Allure sample box is Monthly subscription box that contains 5-6 samples for 16.00 monthly. This months box was a really good box for me. Everything in here I can use. Most the items i can use on an everyday basis. The theme was New year new you. Now I’m not into the New year new me I am always willing to try new things.


#1 Zoya Tiana Nail Polish


Beautiful Pastel Nail Polishes that are free of toulene formaldehyde, camphor and DBP

So I never really tried pastel color but this color is beautiful. Is a minty light green color. Looks just like Pistachio Gelato.It actually looked really good against my skin tone as well which was surprises . Definitely still think this would have been better suited for a box closer to easter but none the less a color i will wear now and a color I love.

#2 Philip B. Light-Weight Deep Conditioning Creme Rinse


A Lightweight Creme Conditioner great for all hair types. It add an extra shine to your hair but it doesnt leave your hair feeling greasy at all. Now as far as smell it has a hint of cinnamon in it but the smell is comletely gone once the hair is dry. Still either was an amazing conditioner.

#3 StriVectin Intensive Illuminating Serum

Boosts skin clarity for brighter and a more even complexion


You put this on in the morning and at night . Its non- greasy and lightweight  definitely helps with brighter complexion

#4 Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar

A Charcoal-and-mud facial bar soap. Great for all skin types but especially those prone to oil and breakout. IMG_1541

This has a rich gray lather and feels amazing on the skin. it make my face feel clean and tight without leaving it dried out.

#5 Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Lid+Line+Lash In Peach Prism

Two color-coordinated eye shadow; one cream, one glitter in a spillproof wand.


The color come on sheer and nice and light and if your going out after work you can add a little sparkle for some extra pizzazz. Great for eye day use and can easily be transitioned for a day to night look.

#6 Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar

An anti-aging facial moisturizer for all skin types


Its thick but light weight so it takes a little longer than usual to rub in but the after effect are amazing. It smells clean and leaves skin glowing as if you just had a facial.

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Kawaii Box January 2015

So excited my Kawaii Box came in this month its so super cute. It has tons of cute Kawaii items for lovers of all ages Some of these will end up in my gift closet as presents for my little angels for their birthdays. Kawaii box is a monthly subscription box that cost $18.90 a month and this includes shipping now it does take a few week to shipping since these is a overseas box and ships from Singapore.


#1 Hello Kitty Glasses Frame


This is absolutely adorable I cant wait to get lenses so i can rock my Hello Kitty glasses. I’m a huge hello kitty fan so this is probably my favorite item in the box. On the same note I might have to fight my Geana for these but this may make her more willing to wear her glasses.

2. Cute Pink Monster plush


Cute pink Monster plush it comes with a little chain so you attach it to a purse or backpack. So this is a little immature for me but I’m sure one of my girls will attach it to their purse and will love it.

#3 Halloween Stickers


Cute little ghost stickers and they are perfect for Halloween party invitations or when the time comes to make halloween decorations for the house ^.^

#4 Birthday Stamper


This comes with a stamper that says birthday party and red ink. This will come in handy for the many birthday invitations I have to send out through out the year so this will probably be the most used product in my box this month but its cute and will add a special little flair to all the birthday invitations.

#5 Stress ball Cell Phone Charm


Squishy and cute and I will probably end up with this as my cell phone charm.For the moments that my little demons i mean angels act for for the tenth time are we there yet. lol -.-‘

#6 Purple Nail polish


This a really pretty shade of Purple and I cant wait to use it on the girls.

#7 Polka Dot Coin Purse


For starters I absolutely love this Color Blue. This is Perfect for my little Miss Mischa. She loves to keep Change and now she has an adorable coin purse to put in purse and keep all her change in

#8 Purple SeaShell Bracelet


This is a really cute bead bracelet and I’m so happy with it. This will be perfect when I go to the beach or One of my little angels will steal it off me

#9  Rilakkuma Rice Crackers


These are plain salted rice crackers and granted I only got to try one but i did enjoy it Before my little man decided that they were his and I didn’t have a choice in the matter.

#10 Hello My friend doll mate pen


Super cute blue pen but the bright side of having this pen is no one at work will have one and there fore when they get caught stealing it I can call them out ^.^ -.-. Not that its intentional but when you work in a warehouse we all have a tendency to steal each others pens.

#11 Cupcake Mirror Cell Phone Charm

IMG_1504 IMG_1503

This is super cute and will be adorable for either me or my girls can use to apply their lipgloss or lipstick

If you are interested in buying your own visit

Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Advanced Strength Probiotics

<img style=”display:none;” src=”″/&gt;

My health is extremely important to me. I work long hours and don’t sleep much and run around with the kids all day. So sometimes I fall prey to not always eating healthy. I admit im just as guilty as the next person when it comes to going to the vending machine at work and munching down on some candy bars and potato chips. Also with the lifestyle I lead i drink lots of energy drinks and soda sometimes so my digestive health is not always what it should be. So I got the opportunity to try Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Advanced Strength Probiotics.


Now with it being called “Advanced Strength” you would think this would be very harsh on your stomach . Surprisingly enough its extremely gentle. I didn’t experience any cramps or other stomach issues. It was easy to Keep up with and kept my digestive tract regulated. I couldn’t be happier with this product and recommend it to anyone who would like to improve there digestive help.It also help boost mood and energy so its a win win  across the board.

If you interested in reading more about this product go to

If your interested in getting your own bottle go to

*Disclaimer I did receive this product for free in exchange for an unbiased opinion powered by brandbacker

Discover Campbells

I have a busy life but its still important for me to make sure that my family eat a good healthy filling meal.I recently got the opportunity from Crowdtap to sample a variety of products from Campbells. Everyone know Campbells is known for soups but they offer so much more. They offer a variety of sauces that are great for any quick meals you can make.


Now to give a basic breakdown of some of the many different products Campbells has to offer

1. Spaghetti-o’s

I loved them as a kid and i still love them now even tho they are not the Spaghetti-o’s i remember as a kid they are still delicious and a quick easy meal for me and my kids when I’m on the go. They now come in microwavable containers which makes life just that much more easy for me .

2. Prego Sauce

Cambells makes Prego Sauce. Now i know the first thing that comes into mind when you think of Prego Sauce is Tomato Sauce but they have so many more sauce than tomato sauce. They offer plenty of delicious cheese sauces. I love Alfredo sauces and Prego offers so delicious ones.

3. Campbells Oven/Skillet/Slow cooker Sauces

Now these took me by surprise. They variety is for one massive and make me feel like i can cook anything.They have flavors like Chicken Marsala Sweet Korean BBQ and Sweet and Sour Chicken . I can make amazing crockpot meals and skillet and oven dinner that taste like they took hours but only took maybe 30 minutes.Overall these were my favorite out of the party pack and my favorite Campbells Product.

4.Soup Variety

We cant talk about Campbells without talking about Soup. Campbells variety of soups are amazing and are so multi functional. They are great on there own and great to cook with.

Chunky Soup: Amazing on there own but also delicious with rice and or pasta this has been my go to quick meals.

Latin Inspired Soups: Mostly used as great for cooking soups but still amazing.

Kettle Cooked Soups: These taste like the homemade soup Grandma made you they are full of flavor and absolutely amazing.

Overall I’m impressed by all the products Campbells offer and they are amazing and help me out so much on a day to day basis . Theres definitely something that campbells offers for every person in every walk of life and every life style

Eve’s Addiction

I decided to bless all my all my girls with oddly spelled or unique names. So when i was naming them I didn’t  think of the day when they would want jewelry with they’re name on it. Thankfully my problem has been solved. There is a site Eve’s Addiction they make custom made jewelry and it varies. Everything from birthstones to monograms to acrylic name necklaces. They offer silver jewelry rings bracelets anything you can imagine. I was lucky enough to receive one for review.


So they come in a beautiful gift box. It was amazing first impression. It was beautifully made and well crafted. I picked an Acrylic name necklace and it came on a beautiful silver chain. Its a sterling silver chain and i picked purple but there are many colors you can pick from. I can not wait to make my next order for my daughters necklaces.To be honest i was afraid when i order an Acrylic necklace that it would look immature and silly now that I’m an adult. Surprisingly enough it still looked elegant with most of the outfits i wore and i received many compliments on my necklace. So my finally thoughts I think this makes a great gift for any girl or woman of any age. If you would like  to purchase your own go to

*disclaimer i received this product in exchange for an honest unbiased review

InstaNatural Argan Oil Mask

<img style=”display:none;” src=”″/&gt;


Anyone who knows me really well knows i love to dyed my hair frequently i love experimenting with it; whether it be new hairstyles or new colors. I also straighten my hair almost on a daily basis  So what does this all mean; I have very DRY and DEAD hair. I got lucky enough to get an opportunity to try InstaNatural Argan oil Mask. Now this product can be used in different ways . I tried It both ways. The first way was as a hair mask and the second ways is as a daily conditioner. It works Great as a hair mask but I prefer it as a daily conditioner. I used it as a hair mask after i had dyed my hair this last time around and i will tell you my hair had never felt softer after dying my hair. A couple of days later i decided to use it everyday as my daily conditioner. My hair has never felt so alive. It has its shine and bounce back its no longer lack luster and flat. So it did take me a day to figure out how much to use as a daily conditioner tho, It comes in a jar so its easier to use as a mask. First impression when i opened the jar the first thing that hit me was the smell. It smells amazing it has almost a citrus type smell. It thick and rich so it can feel heavy if you use too much. It was a mistake i made on my first day as using it as a conditioner. If you use to much the first its no big deal tho just use less the next time. I also decide after a few days to try it on my 6 year old daughter hair; She has extremely thick and wavy hair and it worked amazing on her hair as well.  So overall this is a product i would definitely purchase again. Whether you have healthy hair and just wanna maintain it or your like me and have to change your hair color every season this is a product for you. If used correctly it leaves hair soft and renewed. After you figure out what the right amount to use on your hair your hair will feel lightweight and there will be no need for after care products.

If you would like to try this product for your self go to

* Powered by BrandBacker i received this product in exchange for an honest unbiased review

3B Beauty box

So with my new found love for subscription boxes and my love for everything Asian i have found a new beauty box to love . I present to you 3B beauty box Beauty Beyond Borders . This is a Korean Beauty box that is a monthly subscription box. It comes with 5 premium size samples. Its $12 dollars a moth. Now  this is a new Subscription box so I was was slightly worried how good the sample quality would be. My Box came it water damaged because my wonderful mail man left it out in the rain. Never the less my inner packaging was nice done  and i enjoyed my samples


Product #1

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Kit (2pcs)

Perfect for hydration and a collagen boost for the cold winter months ahead.

Freshner and Emulsion


Product #2

The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes

A soft cleansing tissue that uses rosemary extract and other healing herbs to break down your facial makeup. The best part about these wipes are there is no dry skin and its leave your skin feeling refreshed mostly because there are no harsh chemicals in it.


Product #3

K-Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

This was a full size product. It a waterproof and came with an easy to use brush. This stuff I swear wouldlast through a sauna session. It was long lasting and quick to dry and stayed on through everything. It does come off relatively easy with make up remover. This eyeliner was great to use for the winged eye liner look and cat eye look. Definitely my new favorite eye liner.


Product #4

Peripera Nail Story Polish ( Red)

Now Granted red is totally not my color; but given that is the holidays it was suiting and appropriate. Its a vivid and classic red that is perfect for christmas and the winter. I still feel that it looked better on a paler complexion and it looked great on my girls. The nail polish is long lasting and the bottle is cute.


So overall I love this box. Its a great value for the Price. I’m excited to see what next months box will bring.

If you would like to try it out for yourself go here