Breaking my hiatus

So I’ve took a break from blogging for the last 3 years. Been trying to work on myself and personal goals. For me that took disconnecting for a while. In the last three years I’ve gotten a promotion for my job change building locations, learned to love myself, become a better mother to my children. So why make the return you ask. I want to inspire people that they can do so much more. The problem with most people is they put themselves in a bubble using obstacles as excuses instead of over coming them. I was also very guilty of this. My latest journey has been one in my health.

I lost about 60 Lbs. in the last 2 years, even though I’m still working to hit my ultimate goal; I’m Proud of the progress I’ve made. I had always made excuses for my self on how I didn’t have time between working a full time job and raising three children. However when I saw my daughter looking in the mirror complaining about her weight I decided I need to make a change.

It started with small changes . I would pick my poison between bread and pasta. I wouldn’t completely cut either one out of my diet but if I was having a pasta dinner I didn’t need the additional three to four slices of Italian bread. Then I cut out all the sugary drinks out of my diet. I still have the occasionally monster or redbull but I wasn’t drinking one every day or the occasional glass of sprite with a day of eating out. The next step was to to cut down on the sugar. I would have a coffee with creamer and just slowly cut back of the amount of sugar I was putting in until I reached a point like now where I don’t add sugar to my drinks at all.

Then I put my self on an eating schedule. Yes I know it sounds weird but honestly it helped so much. I was super guilty of the late night snacks while binge watching my favorite season of Law and Order SVU. I would eat breakfast between 9 -9:30 and that even fit it with my work schedule since it was my first break. Then lunch around 12 then dinner at six and I would cut my self off from all food after 7 pm. The next step was to slowly how to become more active.

In the summer it was easy I could go to the park with my kids run around even go swimming . My struggle was always in the winter months and at my job. I have a desk job in my ware house so the expectation was 90% of my day I was glued to my desk and a computer screen. The first step of hitting this goal was not sitting at my desk. I would stand and work on the computer. As silly as it may have sounded and looked I even started doing squats while I played with excel. As far as around the house I would start playing just dance with my kids or listen to music and dance while I cooked and cleaned.

The hardest step of my journey was getting my diet in order.  I had to slowly change my taste buds and start enjoying more natural and healthier things in life. Now for the record that doesn’t means I don’t eat chocolate or don’t enjoy a beer and wings every once in awhile. But I did have to cut everything out cold turkey till I could reprogram my brain.

For the first month or so I had a salad everyday at lunch. It was hard but I would add left over meat for the night before to make it palatable. I even got to the point where I actually craved salad which was just crazy to me. the I would swap out pasta at dinner for things like zoodles (zucchini noodle) or eat mashed sweet potatoes instead of instant potatoes.

Long story short for whatever your dietary goals are they are totally achievable. you just have to breakthrough the excuses and do it. Also don’t expect results to be instantaneous it takes time. But small life style changes or what makes this easy to stick to and make it sustainable.


Vita Sciences Maxasorb Melatonin Cream Review

I have really bad insomnia surprise surprise with 3 kids and working night shift.So I received an opportunity to try Vita Sciences Maxasorb Melatonin Cream.. I was elated. So what do you need to know.
Its a thick creamy hand lotion. With no smell I will tell you it does moisturize your skin very well. I would say it help me shut my brain off and fall asleep easier. Without the hazy drug feeling when using other otc remedies. I also did feel groggy after waking up either which was nice. This is definitely a product i will continue to use.

If you would like to learn more about this product or to order this product check out
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How to live fabulous on a budget!!!!!!!!!

So for one I always seems to have brand name clothes and brand name toys for my kids. I have all the same great things as all other people the only difference is i do it ona budget and I pay hell of of a lot less then most people so im here to share some great ways of getting everything you want for more 50% off.

1. Couponing:
So everyone know to grab the Sunday paper and grabbing coupons. Great way to save Money on the things you like. I also like to pick a few of my favorite supermarkets and buy what ever items are on sale at each supermarket. Also do forget to use coupons that are on your receipt and fill out the surveys on the bottoms of your receipt. Its never a guarantee you will win but what is it going to hurt. Dont forget about digital coupons they always a great way to save that few extra dollars.

2. Thrifting:
I find that going to your local salvation army or goodwill or local thrift store is a great way to get the brand names you love for cheap. I always like to clean out my kids clothes and my closet a few time a year and then stock up on a new wardrobe. And its a win win you can donate and help charity and get great clothes or toys for a steal. Also check out your facebook and look up local yardsale sites or selling sites it a great way to grab things that are local and maybe even make a new friend or two.

3. Sub Boxes :
I find that subscribing to a few monthly boxes lets me try things that i love and gives me a variety of new makeup and even so other passions of mine. I love comic books and all things anime and stationary so i have some sub boxes that touch those interest and i get some great things for cheap.
Here are a few of my favorites:
Birchbox $10.00 a month and great for makeup and other health a beauty products.
Geekfuel: 23.00 a month but great for all comic box and geekery needs comes with a tshirt every month.
Kawaii Box: great for staionary and awesome little anime things.

4.Social media:
In the generation we live in now we use social media for everything so why not use it to save money. Add all your favorite brand to your face book twitter and instagram account to grab great deals coupons and sample opportunities. Also there are pages that just show you new freebies and samples that come out every day. Some worth of following

5. Writing review on retailers websites.
Many companies need reviews to show that there products are awesome writing reviews for everything you buy will get the attention of retailers and they will even offer to give you stuff to try for free. Amazon retailers are notorious for this. Just make sure your reviews are genuine and honest and through like what would you have wanted to know before you bought the product. Review also dont always have to be go they just need to be honest.

6. Product testing
Product testing will get you coupons samples free size products and will help everyone out. You can check out some of theses sites and going great ways to try thing before you buy and save money.
house party
expo tv
influenster Free not much required but filling out surveys Free lots of work requires lots of surveys but cool but you get some cool decent stuff Yet again free stuff not much required Blog is required and the more twitter and facebook and instagram followers the better Blog required not really required just sign up lots of little things to do best when bored but full size samples and chance to win gift card signup and fill out surveys as they come

No Kidding Coupons Write review earn point get coupon codes for item on amazon up 99% off

Strivectin sign up here and for every point you get and review earn points for free products

So these are some of my tips to living fabulous on a budget did i miss something let me know give me any of your personal tips.

How to afford a child’s birthday party??????

So in the over the top world we live in a child’s birthday now a days seems like a royal ball well i’m here with a few money saving tip to have an inexpensive and memorable birthday party.

So let start with the basics.

1. Location location location: First try an outdoor venue. Now I know in the winter this is a little more difficult but hear me out.
for starters a community park is a great place to throw parties. For one its free but even in the winter you can have a frozen theme birthday party and have a snowman building contest. In the summer you can have a barbeque or picnic theme and have maybe more messy events like face paint table or races for silly prizes. If your not an outdoorsy person or just not weather appropriate you can rent a local fire hall and usually these places come at a great price.image image


2. The cake: Everyone once there prince or princess to have the perfect cake but here are some easy fun ideas. One get a basic baking pan from the dollar store and have you little ones help mix the cake batter and decorate buy basic food dye and use they’re favorite color in the cake and watch what a difference it makes also use there favorite toys as decorations. You can even take a bunt cake and but your daughter favorite doll in it and it will become a princess cake.image


3. Decorations: stick to the basics use balloons and homemade decorations no reason to go over the top.

4.The goodie bag: I always buy holiday items the day after like little easter bubbles and valentine day heart shape puzzles. There easy and cheap to stockpiles and then use to for goodie bags also you can have some kinda
fun activities that lead to something you can take home.Like finger paints and tshirts something really easy and cheap to have.

So what kind of things do you for your kids birthday parties ?

Leather Cleaner, Conditioner & 2-in-1 Cleaner + Conditioner

OTXAJ0BGQc2vj4yinBmR_Leather Nova 3x

So I got the opportunity to try this Leather cleaner and conditioner thanks to brandbacker it works great. My couch is about 10 years old,has survived 3 kids and a dog so it needed a little TLC.
The cleaner and conditioner smells great and did a great job of bring life back into this old couch. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves i definitely recommend this product.
I recieved this product for free in reture for a honest review powered by brandbacker

The Dos and Don’ts of Stockpiling

So I’ve been away for awhile, Main reason being is I just moved over the last month into a new home. For 1 I remember why I hated moving. 2. I didn’t realize how much stuff I had acquired over the last 3 years since my last move. 3. I have also acquired 2 more family members since I moved as well. I figured this was a great time to downsize. Mostly I expected to downsize kids clothes and toys that they didn’t use anymore and some of my wish clothes (you know the clothes you wish and keep as motivation to lose weight and it never happens). Well I ended up downsizing everything I wanted and then half of stockpile. I never realized how much of my stockpile had either expired or i was never going to use . So through my mistakes i wanted to take the time to help other people so they don’t make the same mistakes. Now what ever was expired and still usable that I had downsized was donated. I truly don’t believe in wasting anything.

So here a few tips that i have put together
1. Do: Stockpile on items you always will use and have far or no expiration dates.
I love a good shampoo and conditioner sale and stockpiling on it also the same for deodorants and toothpaste. Also laundry detergents and dish detergents toilet paper are good items to stockpile.
2. Don’t: Stockpile on trend or fad items.So I love trying out the new crazy vitamin ans skin cream fads but i have made the mistake of stockpiling on them and just now finding out there expired and a total waste of money.
3. Do: Stockpile on Canned food favorites and dry goods and pet goods.
Stocking piling on your favorite canned goods like veggies and tomatoes or pastas or dry dog and cats food are amazing. Even some frozen goods but just make sure that you have a good rotation in place.
4.Don’t: Stockpile on items that your not sure your going to use. I started stockpiling on diapers with my youngest child stockpiling diapers up until a size six. But I made a big mistake my son decided he want to potty train in a size 3 which don’t get me wrong im so excited about and glad he did but also now i have spent some money on stuff i cant use.
5. Don’t not for nothing one of the most important lesson i learned being a product tester and stockpiler. Just because it free or at a great price doesnt mean its for you. I have gotten so many freebies just because there free and never used them for one its a waste for someine who really wanted to try it and your just taking up valuable space. i have had friend and family give my stuff to help me out when i just went out on my own and it never was used it was a waste. Im also guilt of buying stuff on sale that ill think i like and dont if its on sale and you wanna try it great do it but dont stockpile on it until your sure its something you’ll use.

So what it is you guys stockpile on let me know

InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

I have terrible problems will big pores and a breakout ever other week. So when i got the opportunity to try InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask i jumped at the opportunity. Now for one its not very attractive looking when you open it. I still decided ehh I’ll try it. It doesnt have any kinda smell to it; But it does feel amazing on the skin.
It made my skin feel brand new and rejuvenated this is an amazing product and i highly recommend it.
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Co-parenting Is it Possible ???

I have 3 amazingly beautiful children and unfortunately the relationship between me and two of their fathers didn’t last. So i guess the next question is so how did that work out????. Honestly it was the best decision we had ever made. Especially the relationship between my middle daughters father and myself. We were best friends and we tried at a relationship and had our daughter Mischa. We broke up and decided we wanted to go our separate ways and still be amazing parents to our daughter. We have kept our promise to our little angel. We still often go out with each other and our daughter on movie dates we share custody and its amazing. I honestly never ecperienced a relationship like ours. When my parents split up they would fight over me and my sister and still never do theing with both of our parents. I didnt want to do that with our daughter. Yes it gets complicated jealousy from the others ones partner has come in to play , people accusing us of still being in love with one another; but at the end of the day its worth it we both just look at people and say we happen to have a daughter we happened to have had sex why cant we be mature about it.

So how does on start to try to create a co parenting relationship

1. If you still have feeling wait until you get over it. this relationship takes time its hard to get over someone but at the end of the day this isnt about yours or the other person romantic feelings this is about what ever  is in the best interest of the child or children you share.

2. Respect the other person privacy. Of course you want to know who your children or child is going to be exposed to when your not around but this is a conversation that needs to take place away from your children and with the other person. It should also only be relevant to your child . Example If and when you decide to introduce our child(ren) to  whoever you decide to date i would like to meet them as well. The other person may wanna know what your concerns are simple explain you want to know what this person may like and if they will treat your child well nothing more. Now this doesnt mean you need to meet every person they date just any they may bring around your child.

3. Have open and candid conversation. Ask about plans for school and after school activities take turn or go together to practices or function. The point of this is to make sure your child knows both of your will be there for them when needed also dont feel uncomfortable bring your new partner with you if your in a serious relationship. Make sure they know too  they can bring their significant other as well.

4 Talk to your new partner or potential partner. Be HONEST i can not stress enough the importance of this rule. I have had to explain many of times that my relationship with my exs are for the children and they need to respect and understand that from day one,. NO if ands or butts about it.

5. Make sure your children understand. The hardest conversation is how come you and my daddy arent together anymore???. Its gut wrenching but if you can explain to them that you are very loved and we are always going to be there for you no matter what whether we are a couple or not.

6. Last but not least and most important DO NOT USE YOUR CHILDREN AS EMOTIONAL WARFARE. This is the biggest mistake people make . Your feeling are hurt maybe you broke up on bad terms. Doesnt mean its time to get even by using your child its not fair to them. We all say dumb stuff when were mad but that doesnt mean you have to follow through.

I have had successful relationship with my children dads I’m not perfect and i happen to have had children with a person who i cannot see spending the rest of my life with. None the less that doesnt mean that we could work out a mature relationship for the sake of our children hell I’ve even turn them in to go friend ships. I hope this helps out with anyone facing the same problems I had to face not to long ago

IMG_0492me and my ex husband an our significant others at the time at my oldest daughters graduation

Crowdtap Explained

So people ask me all the time whats all the stuff I post on my face book and twitter walls. Its usually from a company called crowdtap.

So question number 1 : What in the hell is Crowdtap?

Answer: A company that connects the consumer with different retail brands. Using quick hits moderated discussions and challenge and mission.

So now what does all that mean?

Quick hits are question about your knowledge of the brand or what could the brand do to appeal to you more asking question about what your uses at home are, why you prefer one brand over another, what packaging is more attractive etc. Occasionally you are asked to share this content and spread it across social media channels such as facebook and twitter.

Moderated discussion are discussion that ask more indepth question so the brand can have a deeper understanding of your needs and how they can better suit them,

Challenge are usually picture are text challenge that are ask about specifics f the brand and are also often shared through social media channels.

Missions are usually an opportunity to try out a new product from the brand. they can come as single samples or enough to throw a party and share with your friends. I have received quite a few mission from crowdtap such as  Schick hydro party and Listerine ultra Clean

10649705_10152683338421357_4761421729499173090_n IMG_1460

Now these usually come with mini text or picture challenges as well.

Question #2 So how does this all work???

You sign up at do as many quickhits as you can and answer as many text and photo challenge as you can share them on social media. Have friends comment and like your posts and get points for you answers and the influence you have on social media.

You can earn whats called stars. So whats a star it kinda like an award for how many people interact with your posts or if someone really feels you put an above and beyond effort into your answers.

More stars you get the more points you get and more brands notice you and give you the opportunities to try there new products.

#3 Whats the benefits of signing up?

For one having your voice heard without us the consumer brands have no business. This gives us an opportunity to tell brands what we think of their products and what we need from them as a consumer.

Another awesome perk is the mission I mean come on who doesn’t love free stuff. You can test and keep the products and tell others what you think.

And then there are the gift cards each month each brand holds monthly drawings for gift cars anywhere from 5 to 100 dollars. The gifts cards are for sites like, walmart,sephora and many more. The more points you earn the more chances you have at gift cards. I have honestly gotten enough gift cars every month to buy my son the big 180 pack of diapers on and still have some left over.

So overall i hope this helps some people understand what crowdtap is and how to use it. Join me on